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Come See The Elk

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Come See The Elk

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The Oakland Press | Come See The Elk | February 17, 2008

HILLMAN – The horse-drawn sleigh pulls to a stop and guests clamber out to get a closer look at the elk feeding just beyond the fence.  We’ve been warned not to get too close, but still, we’re just a few feet from the 1,200 pound animals with massive antlers.

Then the quartet of males – we’ll call them the Four Tops – decide to put on a show, as if they boss had told them it was time to entertain the paying customers.  They run around, jostle a bit with each other and wag their heads with those huge antlers.

It’s all part of the elk-viewing trip and scenic carriage/sleigh ride at Thunder Bay Resort.  There aren’t many more unusual trips available in the state.

Jack Matthias, who owns the resort with his wife, Jan, says that even after more than 15 years of taking people to see elk, he still enjoys seeing the animals’ sometimes goofy antics.  But best of all is wathing the people watch the elk.

“It’s just great fun seeing people’s reaction,” Matthias says.  “They really are neat animals.”

He adds that he feels fortunate to make a living doing something that makes people smile.

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