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Thunder Bay Quilt Retreat

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Pure Michigan | Thunder Bay Quilt Retreat | January 5, 2010

A four-day weekend, quilting, and friends-it’s a combination that couldn’t get any better, right?  At Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman (20 miles west of Alpena) they’ll take that bet.  Toss in a nationally known quilt instructor, elk-viewing sleigh ride, gourmet dinner, and a picturesque location and you’re in for a real treat – The Perfect Quilter’s Retreat, that is.

Within five minutes of checking in for our four-day, three-night event, my friend Karman and I are backing the car into a parking sport marked for Quilters Only.  We’re steps away from the front door of the resort’s Pine Cone Quarters (aka “The Quilting Barn”).  Inside, the air-conditioned room is set up for some serious sewing.

There’s plenty of room to spread out at each six-foot-long workstation, but neighbors are close enough that you can chat across the room over your shoulder, sharing stories with best buddies or new-found friends.

Retreat participants range from first-timers to quilting experts.  Two women in our group, in fact, made their first quilts at a Thunder Bay quilt retreat last year, and returned this year for the second time.  Their enthusiasm is contagious as they share stories of their drive from their homes in West Virginia (they’ve driven more than 500 miles and stopped at 15 quilt shops on their way).

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