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Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day at Thunder Bay

Serene. Cozy. Romantic.  There are many words one can use, but no one word completely embodies the enchanting experience of Thunder Bay Resort’s Elk Viewing, Sleigh Ride, Dinner and Wine Tasting Event…especially on Valentine’s Day.

Begin your romantic retreat by boarding a horse-drawn sleigh and let a team of mighty Percheron draft horses whisk you away you through Northern Michigan’s mesmerizing landscapes and forests laden with billowing blankets of sparkling white snow.  Find warmth in the winter’s crisp air and snuggle closely beneath wool blankets as you are lulled by the gentle sway of your sleigh.  Meanwhile, enjoy the solace of the soft jingle of sleigh bells and muffled hoof beats trotting through the snow as you keep a keen ear out for the distinct bugle of Michigan elk.

Your Valentine’s Day fairytale only becomes more elating after you cross the wooden bridge taking you over the Thunder Bay River.  On the other side, guests will encounter massive elk first-hand.  Often just an arm’s length away from the sleigh, take time to capture amazing photo opportunities or simply marvel at the awesome sight of these majestic creatures.

After your Elk viewing experience, it’s time to follow the river’s edge to a charming cabin that sits peacefully alone in the middle of the woods.  Known as Elk Antler Cabin, this rustic log cabin greets its guests with warmth exuding from a massive split-stone fireplace.  While the cabin offers all of the modern day conveniences, a robust antique décor and extensive array of beautiful trophy mounts takes guests back in time to a much simpler time.  Once seated, truly relax as our experienced servers offer you wine from the Sunrise Side Wine and Hops Trail and enjoy the rich stories and anecdotes from your hosts, Jack and Jan Matthias.  As you sit fireside, enjoy a satisfying 5-course meal prepared directly before your eyes in the hearts of 100-year-old wood cook stoves, delightful storytelling and anecdotes from your hosts, and truly relax as our experienced servers offer you delightful wines from the Sunrise Side Wine and Hops Trail.

An award-winning spectacle and rated by USA Today as a “Top 10” event, Thunder Bay’s Elk Viewing Dinner Ride is only more magical during Valentine’s Day.

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