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Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort Serves Up Five Courses of Goodness

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Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort Serves Up Five Courses of Goodness

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Group Tour Magazine | North Flavors: Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort Serves Up Five Courses of Goodness | Spring 2010

Fresh ingredients, two antique wood cookstoves, and the culinary skill of Jan Matthias and her staff add up to a mouth-watering meal in a unique setting at the family owned and operated Thunder Bay Golf & RV Resort near Hillman, Mich.

The resort pairs the gourmet dinner with a horse-drawn wagon or sleigh ride (depending on the season) through the woods of Northeastern Michigan to see some of the approximately 100 elk in its preserve.  Owner Jack Matthias (Jan’s Husband) relates interesting facts about the majestic animals and explains how the velvet material from their antlers is harvested and used in nutritional supplements.

As the wagon or sleigh drops off guests at Elk Antler Log Cabin beside the Thunder Bay River, the scent of the pine trees is replaced by the wonderful aromas emanating from the kitchen, where Jan Matthias, a culinary artist extraordinaire, is putting the finishing touches on the scrumptious meal.  Those aromas are just the hint of the tasty time that is in store.

Dinner is served in the cabin, which is filled with antiques and trophy mounts; a fire crackles in the massive split stone fireplace.

Menu items typically include shrimp cocktail and pear/apple crepe, Jan’s Hearty Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Thunder Bay’s Signature Sweet Napa Salad and butter croissant, tender crown roast of pork, pan roasted red skin potatoes, white chocolate mousse-filled pizzelles with fresh raspberries, and Michigan cherry coffee.  General Manager Melanie Libby (Jan and Jack’s Daughter) noted the resort can accommodate special dietary needs.

Jan likes to feature local ingredients in her cooking, such as Michigan cherries, pears, and apples and locally grown raspberries.

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